Holding Myself Accountable…

I bought a new activity tracker… That means I actually need to be accountable to myself with my training now… lol… Just like shopping for bicycles, the field of activity trackers is vast. I’ve had a number of trackers since I jumped on the bandwagon of tracking steps, sleep, calories, etc. I started with the fitbit, which was later recalled. Moved on to the next generation of fitbit (didn’t like it), graduated to the Garmin Vivofit, which I liked just fine. Eventually, I realized that I needed more because triathlon training requires more advanced activity tracking than any of those trackers are equipped to do. After polling friends, checking reviews, and reading a number of blogs, I settled on the Garmin Fenix 3.


It tracks swimming, and actually has great visibility in the water with the light up face. It also tracks biking, and running… and a thousand other things, such as: calls and texts from your cell, e-mail, barometer, altimeter, weather, temperature, it’s a compass, has music controls, & syncs to your calendar. It syncs to a heart rate monitor, detects your swim stroke, cadence, rest times, and sooo much more that I still need to learn. It’s a little large, but it’s pretty frickin’ rad.

I found out that it can also track golf. Don’t tell Paul or my dad!!! I may never see my Garmin Fenix 3 again!!! This will be our little secret! shhhhh

Here is a link to a huge number of activity trackers including descriptions and prices.



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