That hat though….

That hat though… Words of disapproval you might hear when your teenager sees you in your swim cap.


I often wonder where the week will take me, and whether or not I’ll make progress in my training. I have so many challenges along the way, it’s difficult to select which tidbits I’m not too embarrassed to blog about. On Saturday, after I climbed back onto the boat from my first OWS (open water swim), my 14 year-old son, Ryan made this comical statement about my swim cap. We all busted out laughing, and I knew right then and there what the title, and subject matter of my next blog would be.

There have been a number of blunders since my last blog about tri-training. Like A LOT… Let’s focus on swimming for today. The most swimming I’ve done since I was a teen has been to chase after my beer coozie. It’s funny how you picture yourself gliding through the water as majestic as a dolphin, yet I look a lot more like a beached whale. SO MUCH HARDER than I remembered!! But, I just keep on going.

Swimming in a pool is a lot more comforting than the OWS. I had this idea that I would buy a small raft, and leash it to my ankle, like a surf board, so I could safely practice my OWS all alone. Bad, bad, stupid idea. Or bad, stupid raft… The oars didn’t work. I literally sunk into the raft like a small child… Couldn’t even reach the oars into the water… It would have been super funny, if I weren’t so frustrated at the moment. Big thanks to my fam for NOT filming it. Love you guys!!!

I have people who offer to float/boat along side me, but I don’t want to bother anyone, and I don’t want people watching me at this point either. I have friends who are interested in training with me, but our schedules just don’t match up right now. But, I just keep on going.

Goals this week include food prep (got home late last night), pool time, bike time, and run time. Also, I have a new idea to try for my solo OWS challenge. Finally, I need to do some tweaking with my Garmin Fenix 3. Most triathletes say that the OWS is the most challenging, and most intimidating of the three sports. I’ll continue to work in the pool, and get one OWS in a week as much as I am able. Eventually, it will get easier, and when it does, I most definitely know what my post of that week will be.

We also had the privilege of visiting with my cousin Michael from TX this week. We just bought into the selfie-stick craze. Go get yourself one.. Despite the negativity associated with them, it’s one more thing that might just make ya smile.  🙂

Have a great week, and let’s all just keep on going. 🙂

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