Lady Anti Monkey Butt

I seem to be finding every excuse lately to not hit my goals. It’s too hot, too windy, I’m too busy, too tired, too sore. I’m not sure exactly when the idea to do a tri came to me, but once I started researching, buying everything I needed (still working on that), and training… it became apparent that I was late to the game, or the season, to be more specific. Little did I know that tri’s have a specific season.

There are a limited few tri’s available this season in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m honestly not prepared to compete, yet. I think that might be messing with my head, in terms of training, and motivation. The smartest thing I can do, is to keep on going, and look ahead to the next season, and prepare myself to enjoy a full, and successful season. I am enjoying the ride.

Sitting home with a very sick pup today, and reflecting on what is important in life. Family, fur family, friends, helping others, making memories…

monkey label frontmonkey label back

crock pot piano monkey butt

My parents found this freakin awesome product to help me with chafing… The bottle is absolutely hilarious and adorable! When I was taking the pics of the bottle, I zoomed out a bit and took a moment to appreciate some “things” that mean the World to me. My Grandma’s piano in the background… Our Markwalter family sign that belonged to Paul’s Grandparents. Butterflies. Family photos. Things that may have no value to anyone else, but are invaluable to me.

Hope your week is filled with the things that mean the most. And let’s hope we all find our motivation.

2 thoughts on “Lady Anti Monkey Butt

  1. Heather, There is always next year just keep doing what you are doing that is what makes a difference . I know that if I just don’t give up I’m ok someday you don’t feel like it but there is always tomorrow for a new start again and each day that we do exercise is another day 🙂 of accomplishment .We just can’t give up


  2. Just keep your chin up. We are rooting you on in spirit and prayer. We love you bunches. Oh and Kenneth uses Anti-Monkey Butt and loves it. I need to use the Lady one I guess. Heather.


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