Bulu Box Review

Being selected to review Bulu Box has proven to be such a fun venture! My whole family has been engaged in the review process. I have two teenage boys, one who turns 17 this week who is into fitness, and one who is 14, that is a football player. They and their friends are always … More Bulu Box Review

That hat though….

That hat though… Words of disapproval you might hear when your teenager sees you in your swim cap. I often wonder where the week will take me, and whether or not I’ll make progress in my training. I have so many challenges along the way, it’s difficult to select which tidbits I’m not too embarrassed … More That hat though….

Kaia’s Final Update: 10 Years Since We Lost Our Little Angel

I always celebrate the day she was born, but allow myself to mourn the day she died… Although it does get easier, I still mourn a decade later. Our last “update” of her status is copied below. Subject: Kaia’s Final Update As many of you know, Kaia went to Heaven last night. We were finally … More Kaia’s Final Update: 10 Years Since We Lost Our Little Angel

Sunday Prep

Sunday, the day of rest. The day many people recover from a busy week, and prepare for the week ahead. Most people I know who have a regular exercise routine use Sunday as a day to prep their meals, workout routines, and schedules for the week ahead. Sunday is so important that when I travel, … More Sunday Prep

I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!!

Fit Approach is a fitness site that promotes health, movement, sisterhood, and provides discounts and information about supplements, gear, and all things health and fitness related. Part of our “Sweat Pink” motto involves providing ambassadors with pink shoelaces to share with their community of like-minded sisters who want to share the spirit of promoting fitness … More I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!!