Kaia’s Final Update: 10 Years Since We Lost Our Little Angel

I always celebrate the day she was born, but allow myself to mourn 
the day she died... Although it does get easier, I still mourn a 
decade later. Our last "update" of her status is copied below. 

Subject: Kaia's Final Update
As many of you know, Kaia went to Heaven last night. We were finally
able to hold her yesterday from about 7am until she died in my arms at
about 8:30pm. 
Me, my mom, dad, Paul and PJ were with her all day. The last person she
looked at was her big brother who was holding a toy that lights up over
Just before she passed, my dad opened the blinds to allow the setting
sun to shine on her. Within minutes she left us as we all held on to her
and prayed. It was a beautiful way to say goodbye. We enjoyed our last
day with her and want everyone to know that her death was more peaceful
than her life.
We are proud that Kaia put up such a valiant effort to endure 2 life 
flights, 9 surgeries, countless procedures, many blood transfusions, 
2 types of dialysis, CPR for 23 minutes, and we believe that she held 
on for us and waited until we could all be by her side before 
she let go.
She is a part of a national research study and we are thankful that she
will help other children in the future through this endeavor.
We have never felt more loved in our lives and wish to thank our family
and friends and the kindness of strangers for all the cards, e-mails,
phone calls, visits, gifts, and prayers. We are so lucky to have friends
that have looked after PJ, our dog, our home, and helped us in countless
ways. We especially wish to thank WWCC, King Services, and LCSC for
giving us all the support and the gift of time to be with our little
We will have a private celebration of her life. In lieu of flowers, it
would mean more if you made a donation to our local Red Cross Disaster
Relief at 721 7th Avenue, Lewiston, ID 83501, or to the Tri-State Hospital
Foundation at 1221 Highland Ave, Clarkston, WA 99403 in Kaia's name.
Kaia is a Hawaiian name meaning "of the sea" and we will place her ashes
there in the future.
We will return home to Lewiston some time this weekend. Thank you so
much for all your thoughts and prayers.
It really has helped.
Heather, Paul, PJ, Randy and Kathy

2005-05-27 03.53.46

2 thoughts on “Kaia’s Final Update: 10 Years Since We Lost Our Little Angel

  1. Wow I so remember all of this just like it was yesterday. my heart is with you sending you a prayers and thoughts for your heavy heart Tami Plank


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