First Ride=Epic Disaster…Epic… :-(

Being that I am brand new to blogging, I am learning, and making up the rules as I go along. I have decided to be open, honest, and candid about this whole fitness & training process… No matter how embarrassing… Which it has been… My hope is that my struggles will help other beginners to marathon/triathlon training feel better about their process. On the other hand, experienced athletes might just get a laugh from the “Heather shit show”. Ultimately, this is for me. Someday, I will look back at this, and hopefully have a sense of pride, and maybe even laugh at myself a little, too.

I thought I was prepared. I’ve had multiple trips to my local bike shop. I’ve read every blog & Googled every website I could find to teach me the basics. I bought a new bike, a mid-level. Bought new helmet with a mirror, shoes, hitch for the Suburban, i-phone attachment, tire pump, a lock, a bike stand, water bottle attachments, a bell, a rear rack behind the seat, and a case to store clothes for when I ride my bike to work, bike shorts, a jersey, sunglasses, gels, and I already have a wish list for my next visit to the bike shop. And that was all before my first ride. lol I have a very supportive partner, and family. I’m a very lucky girl.

That leads us to the first ride. I’ve read so much. Studied so much. I had this vision of me gliding on the bike trail, wind at my back, feeling pleasure in the ride, even if I were slow, and didn’t have much endurance. Reality slapped me in the face. lol I got dressed for the ride. Clipped my shoes into the pedals, fitted my helmet, & put on my “kit” which I think means padded bike shorts (to help protect the bootay) and jersey (a friend told me the reason for the jersey is not just aerodynamics, but the pockets you need for nutrition, and storage for other items).

Finally, ready to ride!!! I’m dressed, hydrated, and ready to go! Try to get my shoes un-clipped from the pedals… I fought, and I fought. And then my 14 year old came upstairs to see why I was cussing. lol He even struggled to help get the shoes un-clipped while I held the bike in place. That got me nervous. How would I be able to stop on a ride if I couldn’t even pull the shoes off with all of my might?

I was determined, yet now afraid. Off I went. I drove down to the bike path, rather than ride the bike down, just to be safe. I decided to only clip one foot in, in the event I needed to stop. Holy crap! The other shoe accidentally clipped in while I was pedaling! Now what? I tried and tried to free just one foot! AGH! I saw a park bench approaching & decided to slow down & grab onto it. I freed one foot. Just one. The other was just stuck. I tried to turn the bike around with one foot still clipped in, and EPIC FAILURE!!! I believe they call this a zero fall, or something like that. I just toppled over, one foot locked in. LMAO!

Picked myself up, rode back to my car, pissed off. Fought to keep that one foot free, as it slid off the pedal every other push. Finally… I’m back at the car. I land on my one free foot. Then, magically, the other shoe pops free! WTF? I got more of a workout from fighting the damn shoes from the pedals than I did on the entire ride.

Yet, I will not give up. Came home, did more research. Found the following site.

Tomorrow is another day. Wish me luck. Apparently, I need it more than I thought. 🙂

Happy training y’all!

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